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2008 Thank you donors, volunteers, contributors and collaborators.

Written by Tursiops. Posted in Thank You / Volunteer

Listed below are individuals/groups whose generosity helped sustain the Cape Lookout Studies Program in 2008 by providing a 25′ Sea Cat boat, boat cushions, printer ink, photo paper, office supplies, car batteries, guitar, hand soap, pistachios and other food, notebooks, XM Radio subscription, web hosting fees, web site maintenance, database maintenance, assorted hardware, boat fuel, boat use, $16,517 in cash donations/grants, and approximately 2,000 hours of volunteer time:

Adrienne Hopson

Allen Brooks

Amy Thullen

Andrew Lloyd

Ann and Ted Odell

Ann Rivers

Anthony Snider

Arielle Waldstein

Ashley Brooks

Ashley Everington

Barbara Cohea

Ben and Elizabeth Hawks

Beth Bockoven

Beverly Waite

Bonnie Monteleone

Brent and Kelli Creelman


Bruce + Pudge McCutcheon

Bubba Sanderson

Bud and Anna Doughton

Budsin Woodcraft

Cape Lookout Nat’l Seashore

Carl Spangler

Carolina Cay Maritime Found.

Carteret Co. Wildlife Club

Charles and Kay Lewis

Cheryl Toles

Clay and Ada Shields

Clifford Rice

Coastal Community Market

Connie Owens

Corey Shake

Craig Harms

D.A. Ballou

Dail Bridges

Dana and Ralph Gilliken, Jr.

Danielle Waples

Daphne Littiken

David and Bobbi Brown

David and Michelle Altis

Dean and Pam Richmond

Dee Holt

Denise Greer

Daine and Loran Baxter

Dick Barmore



Donald Fulcher

Donough Philips

Doug Snyder

Elizabeth Hawkes

Elizabeth White

Ella Holderness

Friends of the Museum

George Waller

Girl Scout Troop #843

Glen Lewis

Green River Preserve

Melissa Gosnell

Harry and Val Preddy

Haywood and Mary Holderness

Hugh Wilde

Jack and MC Jenkins

Janet Frye

Jean Richter

Jean Sarnacki

Jim and Beth Maxwell

Jim Daria Waples

Jim and Amy Thullen

Joe and Sue Kreuser

John Altman

John and Catherine Mennear

John and Ruane Langton

John and Sandra Atkins

John Brewer

John Mattos

John Russell

Julie and Steve Jones

Julie Dougherty

Karen Altman

Karen Hattman

Karen Roos

Keith Rittmaster

Kelly Stewart

Kim Jones

Kim Merrels

Kyla Basher

Leo Brody

Leslie Cooper

Lisa and Jim Rattray

Lora Fasolino

Lynn Sutherland

Margaret Harker

Margery Rittmaster

Matthew Godfrey

Melanie Lessard

Melissa Gosnell

Merle and Sharon Miller

Mike Bertino

Miriam Sutton

Museum of Coastal Carolina

Nan Bowles

NC Aquarium, PKS

Nelson and Patti Owens

Nevin Norris

NOAA Fisheries

Paul Miller

Paul Nader

Paula Gilliken

Peggy and Bobby Pleasants

Pene DiMaio

Pete Pucella

Ralph Merrill

Richard Meissner, Jr.

Robin and Angie Pittman

Roger Rittmaster

Sam Bryan

Scott Taylor

Stamps Transou

Steve Hassenfelt

Steven and Sarah Downing

Steven Nader

Sue Stuska

Tabbie Nance

Terry Greene

The Lookout Foundation

Thomas Ahern

Todd McLeish

Todd A. Stuart Foundation

Tom and Carolyn Schultz

Tom Kirmeyer

Tom Lenweaver

Triangle Community Found.

Vic Fasolino

Victoria Thayer

Woody Warburton

Zack Ogden



Click here to visit our Thank You page – dedicated to the supporters, volunteers, backers and collaborators of the Cape Lookout Studies Program.