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Keith Rittmaster discusses whale

Keith aligns and measures sperm whale lower jaws.

About The Cape Lookout Studies Program

Directed by NC Maritime Museum Natural Science Curator Keith Rittmaster

The Cape Lookout Studies Program (CLSP) is part of the NC Maritime Museum in Baufort under the North Carolina Department of Cultureal Resources. CLSP supports the marine biological research, conservation, and education efforts of Keith Rittmaster through four primary fields:

  • Cetacean Rearticulation (bonehenge.org)
  • Bottlenose Dolphin Photo-ID
  • North Carolina Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program
  • NC Marine Mammal Stranding Network
Keith teaching college students about Sperm Whales

Examining spermaceti oil with students.

The overarching mission of these projects is to serve this rare and amazing ecosystem in which we live and to instill in students, residents, and visitors that same passion to serve.

Staff and Volunteers

Learn more about the people behind the efforts supported by the Cape Lookout Studies Program.

About this website

CapeLookoutStudies.org was established by volunteers to be an online resource for volunteers, participants, educators, and researchers who appreciate the work done by Keith Rittmaster supported by the Cape Lookout Studies Program. It is maintained by volunteers to support programs and initiatives focused on environmental research and conservation by many organizations, including the NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort, NC. The site was created around 2002 by volunteer, Sam Bryan, and kept afloat through the managing and contributions of dedicated volunteers like Nelson Owens, among others. Click here to share your support for Keith Rittmaster and the volunteers dedicated to bottleneose dolphin research, monofilament recycling, cetacean studies and marine mammal stranding response.