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2007 Thank you donors, volunteers, contributors and collaborators.

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Listed below are individuals/groups whose generosity helped sustain the Cape Lookout Studies Program in 2007 by providing a boat trailer, a boat t-top, 3 pickup trucks, torque wrench, office supplies, hand soap, note books, fire extinguishers, propane, flatbed trailer, lumber, photo paper, hand tools, 2 SCUBA tanks, SCUBA regulator, waterproof Pelican case, surf wax, shovels, latex gloves, face masks, 2 coolers, 2 five gallon gas tanks, XM Radio subscription, web hosting fees, copier paper, plates, forks, power drill, skil saw, 2 cast nets, 2 tool boxes, 1st aid supplies, 2 boat windshields, coffee cups, web site maintenance, database maintenance, books, note cards, lots of assorted hardware, boat fuel, boat use, food, $7,635 in cash donations/grants, and approximately 2,000 hours of volunteer time:

Allen BrooksAmy Sauls

Ann Hice

Ann Rivers


Barnabas Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation

Beverly Beebe

Bob Jones University


Bruce McCutcheon

Bud and Anna Doughton

Cape Lookout Environmental Education Center

Cape Lookout Nat’l Seashore

Carl Spangler

Carolina Estuarine Research Foundation

Casablanca Partners

Cindy Gill

Crystal Coast Business Supply

David/Bobbi Brown

Elizabeth Basnight


Friends of the MuseumGirl Scout Troup # 884

Girl Scout Troup # 843


Graham Barden

Green River Preserve

Haywood + Mary Holderness

Hugh + Harriette Wilde

Janet Frye

Jim and Amy Thullen

John + Sandra Atkins

John Russell

Keith Rittmaster

Kelly Stewart

Kim Merrels

Lookout Foundation

Margaret Harker

Mark Bassinger

Mark Wise

Marsh’s Surf ShopMike Campbell

Miriam Sutton

Nan Bowles

Neal and Dana Mochel

Nelson Owens

NC Aquarium, PKS

NOAA Fisheries

Penny Larson

Progress Energy

Richard Meissner, Jr.

Roger Rittmaster

Salem Norris

Sam Bryan

Sam Warburton

Scott Taylor

Stamps Transou

Tom Kirmeyer

Vicky Thayer

Virginia/Wayne Yee

William Transou

Click here to visit our Thank You page – dedicated to the supporters, volunteers, backers and collaborators of the Cape Lookout Studies Program.

Thanks for helping us to replace the Blazer

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New wheels for the Cape!


Thank you Donors!  |  Donor List

Blazer  It took a long-time volunteer and friend like John Brewer to know just what we needed in a vehicle for the museum’s field station at Cape Lookout. “Let me help you find a good truck for a great program” he said. And it took the thoughtfulness and generosity of the donors listed here. So when the Chevy Blazer (donated by Cherry Point MCAS) finally had to be retired this summer after 7 years of hard duty hauling people, gear, supplies, and dead whales at Cape Lookout, a loose conspiracy was formed to purchase a replacement vehicle for the Cape Lookout Studies Program. A



fundraiser led by long-time supporter Haywood Holderness raised $8,945 from 36 people from 6 states. This enabled us to purchase a 1984 4-wheel-drive Chevrolet Scottsdale pickup truck. John then spent 10 days customizing it for the Cape by building a top carrier, installing a bumper push bar, taking out the carpeting and weather-stripping (they trap sand, salt, and moisture), replacing electric window cranks and door locks with manual ones (the salt air at the Cape is hard on electronics), replacing worn-out parts, installing large tires on wide rims, and painting it top and


bottom, inside and out, with the most rust resistant coatings available. The result is pictured above. Thanks also to Kittrell’s Auto Parts in Havelock and Atlantic Auto Salvage for their help in this project. Thousands of students, young and old alike



will benefit from the generosity. If you’re feeling left out because you’re not included here, don’t worry, donations are being accepted for new projects!




$ 1000+ – DolphinRalph & Tabbie Merrill, Beaufort, NC
Bruce & Regina McCutcheon, Beaufort, NC
Bill Transou, Durham, NC
Bud & Anna Doughton, Raleigh, NC
$ 500+ – Sea TurtleHaywood & Mary Holderness, Durham, NC
John & Sandra Atkins, Durham, NC
Harriette & Hugh Wilde, Beaufort, NC
Tom Darden, Raleigh, NC
Steve & Pam Hassenfelt, Greensboro, NC
$ 200+ – PelicanGraham & Nora Barden, New Bern, NC
Sam & Nancye Bryan, Durham, NC
Mike Warlick, Stafford, VA
Jim Maxwell, Durham, NC
Woody Warburton, Durham, NC
John Brewer, Newport, NC
Margaret Harker, Morehead City, NC
Rusty & Mary Holderness, Tarboro, NC
Richard Meissner, Harkers Island, NCBlazer
$ 100+ – FlounderBob Barnhill, Tarrboro, NC
Alex Denson, Durham, NC
Ralph & Sue McCaughan, Durham, NC
Sally & Paul Ransford, Chapel Hill, NC
Sally Steele, Swansboro, NC
Penn Holderness, Orlando, FL
Nancy & Tom Reams, Richmond, VA
Dail Holderness, Raleigh, NC
Tom & Cheryl Walker, Longboat Key, FL
Elizabeth Kernan, Mill Valley, CA
Jack Jenkins, Morehead City, NC
Richard & Joyce Veazey, Stem, NC
Worth Dunn, Raleigh, NC
Mason Williams, Raleigh, NC
Sam Bass, Raleigh, NC
Keith Rittmaster, Beaufort, NC
$ 50+ – Fiddler CrabJulian Mann, Raleigh, NC
Walker Long, Chapel Hill, NC
$ 25+ – Mosquito