Thank You

Keith Rittmaster listening to dolphins

Keith Rittmaster, listening to the dolphins. Photo: Brooks

A letter from Keith Rittmaster,

Director of the Cape Lookout Studies Program and Natural Science Curator for The North Carolina Maritime Museum

To all of you that given your time, your money, your resources, and your hearts to the Cape Lookout Studies Program over the years, I offer my sincere gratitude. Without you, there would be no Cape Lookout Studies. No fishing line recycling to protect our dolphins, turtles and birds. No photo-ID records that will help us understand and protect our maritime neighbors. No sperm whale skeleton hanging in the maritime museum offering visitors the opportunity to gaze and learn in wonderment. And no support for coming to the aid of stranded animals and learning from those that don’t survive. Though you deserve so much more than a page on a website, this page is dedicated to you individuals, businesses and organizations that understand the importance of the Cape lookout area ecosystem and have chosen to do your part to help us explore, study and conserve and teach about this remarkable corner of our blue planet.

With your ongoing help and support, the Cape Lookout Studies Program will continue to make a real and lasting impact on citizens, students, and wildlife.

Thank you, and marine wildlife thanks you too.



Team Bonehenge reunion on April 28, 2015, from left to right: Keith Rittmaster, Josh Summers, Hugh Wilde, Nelson Owens, Carl Spangler, Vic Fasolino, Patti Owens, Vicky Thayer, Dick barmore, Paula Dailey, Karen Hattman, Pudge McCutcheon, and Bruce McCutcheon



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