Beaufort Whale Center

The “Bonehenge” Beaufort Whale Center

bonehenge whale center

Cetaceans have always played a prominent role on our North Carolina Coast. This is where one of the highest cetacean concentration and species diversity on the planet is found (a total of 34 documented species as of 2016). The Bonehenge Whale Center located in Beaufort North Carolina will focus on NC cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises), past and present.

The Bonehenge Center will be a facility from which to base research, exhibit preparation and display, marine conservation, educational programming, outreach, publications, and stranded specimen collection/maintenance. The Bonehenge Whale Center will include several work spaces, meeting areas, restrooms and storage on the ground floor. Upstairs, there will be offices and a cat walk for viewing whale skeletons suspended from the ceiling. The 2000 sq ft space will incorporate plenty of natural sunlight and other energy efficient features.

The 501c3 charitable non-profit Carolina Cay Maritime Foundation has already purchased the land and raised about one third of the total cost of this project. Much of the planning & design was done by generous professionals volunteering their time. A dedicated construction crew has already completed phase 1 of the building and is ready to continue to phase 2 as soon as funds become available.

We are now asking for your support to help us complete the Beaufort Whale Center!

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Thank you to everyone who is helping to make this happen!

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bonehenge whale center