Humpback Whale Skeleton Settled Into New Home

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Whale Bones, Cape Lookout

VIP Trailer space for whale bones, Gallants Channel

Nan is putting flipper bones together just to see their size (about 12 feet)

With only 2 weeks notice, we were ready and waiting for the 37 foot humpback whale skeleton that arrived Friday October 10. Keith had miraculously cleared space for it in the ‘VIP Trailer’, which is our work and storage trailer across from our offices. Jeremy Winn and Becky Woodward drove the skeleton from Maine. The bones were individually wrapped and packed with padding filling their van and the boat they towed. These bones are heavier than the sperm whale bones we are used to working with, and feel and smell different. We re-labeled each bone as the old labels were fading.

Whale Bones, Cape Lookout

Vicky and Becky are putting the vertebrae in order

Ribs on their way into VIP Trailer

Chain of Custody form required for Marine Mammals










And, another adventure whose outcome is unknown, begins. The skeleton will be re-articulated and hung – but all the details of who and where are on hold for now.

The participants in this project were: Vicky Thayer; Dick Barmore; Keith Rittmaster; Nan Bowles; Bruce and Pudge McCutchen; Brooks; Becky Woodward and Jeremy Winn.

Bones settled into new home in the VIP Trailer

Becky and Keith completing
Chain of Custody Forms

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  • Aaron



    I was wondering if you could tell me how long the pelvic bones are. I’m doing some research on pelvis size in cetaceans. I appreciate the help.

    Aaron Kren


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