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Fox Kits

Written by Keith_Rittmaster. Posted in Uncategorized

On the Gallants Channel property in Beaufort, NC. near our office and the water are fox dens. Last year they were dug in the bottom of a 3-4 foot rise in the sand, well disguised. This year they are much more right out in the middle of an open area. No idea why. Keith swept the sand smooth in front of the den to confirm that they were currently in use. Fresh footprints appeared. He took some pictures – these are from last year but the kits look pretty much the same this year. The way Keith took the pictures was neat. Early one morning -they are more active dawn and dusk-he set up a digital camera on a tripod set to take a frame every 2 seconds. He went to the office and returned in 2 hours and found these pictures.

On this first picture you can see one of the den entrances
behind the kit. He or she is looking at the camera – something new in his familiar environment.

photos by Keith Rittmaster

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Comments (2)

  • Nicole


    Anyway I can get a copy of some of the fox kit pics you took? There sooooo cute!


    • Tursiops


      In what format would you like the pics?


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