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2013 Thank you donors, volunteers, contributors, and collaborators!

Written by Tursiops. Posted in Thank You / Volunteer

Listed below are individuals/groups whose generosity helped sustain and improve the Cape Lookout Studies Program in 2013 by providing boat fuel, cleaning supplies, office supplies, photo paper, printer ink, lumber, band saw, sand paper, vacuum cleaner, food, drinks, notebooks, XM Radio subscription, web hosting fees, web site maintenance, $1,987 in cash donations/grants and approximately 1,454 hours of volunteer time.  THANK YOU!!

Sincere thanks also go out to everyone who has an NC “Protect Wild Dolphins” special license plate which raised through Friends of the Museum a total of $10,540 in 2013.  The dolphins thank you too.

Congratulations and thanks to Bobbie Wallinger and Dennis Sorensen, the 2013 recipients of the CLSP Outstanding Volunteers award.

Al Fitz

Anna & Bud Doughton


Bobbie Wallinger

Bonnie Monteleone

Carl Spangler

Carolina Cay Maritime Found.

Cy Brame

Dennis Sorensen

Elizabeth Hanrahan

Elizabeth White

Fairfield Harbor Yacht Club

Friends of the Museum

Howard Lineberger

John Fussell

John Russell

Nelson Owens

Ocean Isle Museum Foundation

Patti Owens

Jill Sullivan

Josh Summers

Keith Rittmaster

Kim Merrels

Lora Fasolino

Mary & Haywood Holderness

Mary Hunnings

Mike/Diane Warlick

NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

Paul Nader

Paula Dailey

“Protect Wild Dolphins” license plates

Regina & Bruce McCutcheon

Richard Barmore

Suzanne and Vance Knight

Todd Sturgell

Vic Fasolino

Vicky Thayer

Wendy Donaldson

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