More on Cutty and her Neonate in 2009

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Back in May we reported seeing ‘Cutty’ and her neonate in the Newport River estuary here in Beaufort, NC. Here is a little more information about her:
Cutty is one of our most photographed dolphins. She is an experienced mother now with the seventh calf we have seen her with since we started photographing her in July of 1985. (There may have been some we missed) She is an example of one of our summer dolphins, seen in our waters from late April through early October. When Cutty and her calves are not in Beaufort waters, we know they go south to the area around Wilmington, NC. This is confirmed by comparing our dolphin dorsal fin photos with those of researchers from the University of North Carolina in Wilmington, NC.
and excitedly finding matches.

photos by Keith Rittmaster

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