Monofilament Recovery & Recycling

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We Have had a monofilament recovery and recycling program for a while and have tried to implement what has been successful in Florida’s and Georgia’s programs. We have 40 bins already strategically placed and we just set up three more bins on Bogue Banks; one at the new West Beaufort boat ramp and replaced one on the fishing pier along side of the high-rise bridge between Beaufort and Morehead.

This picture is of our new portable recycling bin that we can take to fishing tournaments, fairs or educational programs.

This is a link to an incredible video A Tale of Entanglement, about the monofilament problem and recycling – be sure to have your volume turned up, the music is beautiful. Some disturbing but all too real images. It is positive at the end.
Then look at their newest video, If the Ocean Could Talk Some of it was filmed at Cape Lookout Studies waterfront and dock. Keith and some local seventh graders are in it. It is very good


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