Marine Mammal Strandings – Central North Carolina

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There were 4 known strandings in December 2009 in central NC.
Dec. 10 – A pregnant Grampus whale on N. Core Banks

This is the fetus found inside the Grampus whale.

Dec. 15 – Male bottlenose dolphin on Bear Island
Dec. 18(ish) – Kogia on N. Core Banks
Dec. 22 – Large female bottlenose on Ocracoke (Outer Banks). She was an old dolphin with teeth almost worn down to the gum. She traveled by truck and ferry from Ocracooke to Beaufort. She was frozen for a necropsy workshop Vicky Thayer will offer on January 30.
VGT 219 is her ID number.

Carrying to the freezer and in the freezer.
Vicky Thayer is currently running the Central North Carolina Stranding Network full time. We will have ongoing updates on strandings.

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