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Keith & Wild Life in Baja, Mexico

Written by Keith_Rittmaster. Posted in Uncategorized

Keith & wildlife in Baja, Mexico.Keith joined a friend and colleague on a whale, and other wild- life, observation journey. Here are some of his pictures, there will more pictures and text soon.
These gray whale pictures are from Magdelena Bay, Baja, Mexico. On the bottom, are the gray whale’s blow holes and above on top, a gray whale right next to the boat and above center, gray whale flukes as whale goes into a dive.

Keith holding up rock and a blue booby – you can probably tell which is which.

Below, sea lions and a paper nautilus shell.

Blue whale mom and calf.


Pelican practicing full moon diving.
So, that’s it for now.
All pictures by Keith Rittmaster – Please do not copy without permission.

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  • Anonymous


    Keith–you need to organize a trip to Baja to see the blue whales and run it through the musuem. I think you could get a lot of interest here in the community and folks to go on this type of trip!


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