Interesting Brain Mass to Body Mass Percentages

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When the the Gervais’ beaked whale stranded back in February, we were excited to be able to weight the whale on the beach. With subsequent skull dissection in the lab it was learned that this whale’s brain weight, or mass, to body weight, or mass, was approximately 0.25%.    
Below are some comparative values of brain mass to body mass percentages from  other species:

beaked whale – 0.25%

right whale – 0.004% (their testicles are much larger than their brains)
sperm whale – 0.02% (but their brain is the largest on earth)
bottlenose dolphin – 0.96%
human – 2.1%-2.5%
mouse – 2.5%

We may have to rethink this whole ‘intelligence/brain meaning’.
(See February 25th, 2011 blog entry about this whale’s stranding).   

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