Blog Migration

Written by Tursiops. Posted in Website Management

We’ve added the final blog entry to the Spyhop Log at Blogspot. Here it is (below). Thanks to BlogSpot and to all the wonderful contributors who’ve kept the Spyhop Log up and running over all these years. If you’ve been a contributor in the past, and would like to be again, contact us and we’ll set you up with access to the new blog!

The final blogspot post is shown here:

Spyhop Log moving from Blogspot to

Like the marine mammals we love so much, it’s time for the Spyhop Log to migrate.

Blog migration, stage 2

Written by Tursiops. Posted in Website Management

The blog was imported over from BlogSpot this morning. Now, the images are being imported as well. Most came over without a fight, but there’s a few that have to be moved over one-at-a-time.

Next we’ll place a post on the BlogSpot site to let people know this is the new spot for the blog. [ DONE! ] If you’re looking for an old post, they should still be posted at the original date. If you run into a broken link or an issue with an older post, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Now, we are manually adding all the older Spyhop Logs from the original website. Those that were written before the “B” was added to the “Log”! This is happening today!

Finally, we will create a forward so that those visiting a link to the old site, will be automatically redirected to this one.