Cape Lookout Updates

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No damage from Hurricane Earl.

of our cumulative totals.
Bottlenose Dolphin Photo ID  ~  In the summer we usually see dolphins, especially moms and calves, in the Newport River but this summer we have seen very few dolphins there. We don’t know why.We were out doing photo ID 6 days with 2 sightings total. We identified 16 dolphins. Nan went to Manteo,NC to collaborate and identify more of the dolphins that spend time in both our areas. She saw some of the dolphins that spend winters here.

Our Dolphin License Plate Sales have gone up slightly from the last quarter but are down from 2005 – 2006.

We received donations from Kim Merrels and Sea Stewards.
Marine Mammal Strandings  ~  On August 2nd, a freshly dead emaciated lactating dolphin was brought in from the Neuse River. We knew her as “Roto 8” NCMM #3567. She had a stingray spine in her abdominal cavity. but it was not likely the proximate cause of death. She was part of the April, 2006 Beaufort, NC captures.
Keith is currently part of a film crew here in Beaufort, NC. Maybe more later, or it may have to stay a secret.

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