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We’ve added the final blog entry to the Spyhop Log at Blogspot. Here it is (below). Thanks to BlogSpot and to all the wonderful contributors who’ve kept the Spyhop Log up and running over all these years. If you’ve been a contributor in the past, and would like to be again, contact us and we’ll set you up with access to the new blog!

The final blogspot post is shown here:

Spyhop Log moving from Blogspot to

Like the marine mammals we love so much, it’s time for the Spyhop Log to migrate. We’re putting the log right onto the Cape Lookout Studies website! Right now, (8/7/12) the new site isn’t quite up and running. But it will be soon and all the posts listed here will be available there. The new website is going to look very different, but will still have all the best content that Keith and Co. have had on the site for so long. Also, there are some older spyhop logs on that website, that will be added to the back end of the blog – so you can look way back to when Keith Rittmaster, director of the Cape Lookout Studies Program, started the original Spyhop Log.

We estimate the new site will be up and running before the end of the month, and we’ll let you know when that happens. The old Cape Lookout Studies website has served the program for many years, but it’s time the program had a website as up-to-date as the research they’ve been doing and as dynamic as the people who have been doing the research!

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