August 2009 Stats

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Bottlenose Dolphin Photo-ID. Our sightings of dolphins continue to be low for this time of year. We did see ‘Oprah’ with a nursery group and ‘Caitlin’ with her calf.
We were out on the water 8 days in August
We had 3 separate sightings and
We have photos of 13 distinct, and therefore identifiable, dorsal fins. web site received 312 hits this month.
http://www./ web site received 9,804 hits this month blog received 101 hits this month.

NC Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program. We sent off 2 boxes, approximately 40 miles. of recovered monofilament to the recyclers. Terry Greene delivered a new bin to the Estuarium in Washington, (little Washington) NC.
Received a $100 donation from Linda Boyer in little Washington, for this program NCMRRP.

No known Marine Mammal strandings.

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