2010 Thank you donors, volunteers, contributors and collaborators.

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Listed below are individuals/groups whose generosity helped sustain the Cape Lookout Studies Program in 2010 by providing printer ink, photo paper, office supplies, bolt cutters, vice, band saw, dremmel tool, lodging in Rhode Island, Bonehenge.org bone adoptions, boat batteries, tools, propane, hardware, cleaning supplies, lumber, hand soap, food, notebooks, XM Radio subscription, web hosting fees, web site maintenance, drill bits, boat fuel, boat use, $6,064 in cash donations/grants, and approximately 2,000 hours of volunteer time.  THANK YOU!!  Sincere thanks also go out to everyone who has an NC “Protect Wild Dolphins” special license plates which raised for Friends of the Museum a total of $12,660 in 2010.   The dolphins thank you too.

Amy ThullenArcher Daniels Midland Co.Arthur Mattmiller
Beaufort Middle School
Bella Larson
Beth Bockoven
Bonnie Monteleone
Bruce McCutcheon
Bud and Anna Doughton
Cape Lookout Nat’l Seashore
Carl Spangler
Carolina Cay Maritime Found.
Collette Mattmiller
Craig Harms
Dail Bridges
Dana Henderson
Daphne Littiken
David Brown
Dick Barmore
Elizabeth White
Friends of the Museum
Green River Preserve
Heidi Gordon
Haywood + Mary Holderness
Howard Lineberger
Hugh Wilde
Janet Frye
Janet Thayer
Jim Thullen
Jim and Kathi Fudesco
John Brewer
John Hammond
John Russell
Josh Summers
Karen Davis
Karen Hattman
Keith Rittmaster
Kim Merrels
Larry Copeland
Lora Fasolino
Nan Bowles
Nelson Owens
NOAA Fisheries
Patti Owens
Paul Nader
Paula Gilliken
Pudge McCutcheon
Sea Stewards
Sherry York
Steve Hassenfelt
Terry Greene
The Lookout Foundation
Tom Kirmeyer
Tom Lenweaver
Triangle Community Found.
Vic Fasolino
Vicky Thayer
Virginia Stambaugh
Will and Martha Rabert
William Prentice

Click here to visit our Thank You page – dedicated to the supporters, volunteers, backers and collaborators of the Cape Lookout Studies Program.

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